If you drink coffee, you have probably heard of Colombian coffee. Colombia is famous for its coffee. The tropical climate is perfect for growing coffee full of subtle tastes. Colombia produces tons of coffee each year! If you have yet to taste artisan Colombian coffee, it is time to change that! Here is why.

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Is Colombian Coffee Good?

Over 500,000 coffee growers are in Colombia and supply a large amount of the world’s Arabica coffee! So what makes Colombian-grown coffee beans unique? Colombian coffees typically feature fruity flavors with hints of caramel and chocolate. The majority of coffee from Colombia is Arabica which has a milder taste than Robusta. There are many ways to farm and roast beans, so here is how Colombia’s climate, farming, and roasting processes affect the coffee taste.

Climate and Farming

Colombia has a climate nearly perfect for growing coffee. Colombia gets heavy rainfall and never gets close to freezing since it is close to the equator. Altitude is another major factor in coffee flavor. Coffee grown at a higher altitude will grow slower since the climate is colder than the valleys. A slower-growing environment allows your coffee to ripen slower, allowing for complex flavors to develop. However, altitude isn’t everything. Improper farming, harvesting, and roasting will destroy the unique flavors. If you want to learn more about coffee roasting, read our blog on artisan coffees.

What is Artisan COffee?
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Exporting the Beans

Some countries use strip picking to harvest their coffee which means harvesting all the beans in one shot with a machine. In Colombia, coffee is mainly harvested by small growers in the mountains. Coffee pickers check the trees every ten days and pick only the ripe coffee cherries. This harvesting process means all the coffee beans are mature and have the best taste possible. The beans are exported as green coffee to roasters in the US and Canada. Together brokers work with roasters to ensure a year-long supply of fresh coffee.

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Is Colombian Coffee Strong?

Coffee roast does not depend on the bean origin. Colombia has both light and dark roast coffees. Generally, the flavor profile of Colombian coffee makes well-suited for dark roasts. However, many light and medium roasts on the market are rich with flavor! Get a light Colombian roast for a rich flowery flavor or a dark roast for rich espresso drinks.

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What Type of Bean is Colombian Coffee?

The majority of Colombian coffee is Arabica beans. The two main types of coffee produced are Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica has a smooth, sweeter taste with chocolate notes. Robusta beans are stronger in flavor and have more caffeine. If you are a new coffee drinker, you will prefer the smooth taste of Arabica beans over Robusta. Columbia’s climate, combined with the natural tastes of Arabica beans, produces a unique coffee flavor renowned worldwide!

Does Colombian Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Not necessarily. Columbian coffee has a similar caffeine content compared to Arabica beans grown elsewhere in the world. Also, the internet has often debated whether light or dark roasts have the most caffeine. The truth is that caffeine content varies very little from light to dark roasts. Get a dark espresso roast from Columbia. You will have similar caffeine content to any other Arabica espresso roast.

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How to Prepare Colombian Coffee

Colombia doesn’t have a traditional brew style. However, Colombian beans are perfect for some specific brews. Colombian beans usually feature lighter, sweeter-tasting notes. These light-tasting notes make it ideal for lighter coffees and mixed drinks. Use Colombian coffee to make your favorite cappuccino, iced coffee, or latte. Tip, if you like iced coffee, use a dark roast for a richer taste once it is iced.

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Where to Buy Colombian Coffee

You can purchase Colombian coffee from almost any coffee roaster on the market. A Colombian coffee blend is available if you prefer a lighter roast with a more natural flavor or a bold dark roast. If you want to experiment with different flavors, try single-origin coffees from the various departments of Colombia. Each area of Colombia has different altitudes and soils, which causes different tastes in your cup of coffee. Here are some excellent single-origin coffees.

Colombia Tolima Coffee

Colombian Tolima coffee is a single-origin coffee from Colombia’s third-largest coffee-producing region. This coffee has hints of caramel with hints of red grape acidity. This medium-roast coffee is very smooth, which is why it’s one of our best sellers.

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Colombia Cauca Coffee

Cauca is another major coffee-producing department in Southwestern Colombia. This dark roast features tasting hints of baker’s chocolate and green grapes. This roast is for you if you want a bold yet well-balanced cup of coffee!

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Decaf Colombian Coffee

Here is our decaf coffee from the Colombian department of Cauca. This dark roast features tasting hints of baker’s chocolate and green grapes. This roast is for you if you want a bold yet well-balanced cup of coffee!

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Final Thoughts

There is no “best coffee” for everyone. If you have unique preferences, the best coffee for you will be different from someone else’s. Colombian coffee is very popular with enthusiasts and regular coffee drinkers, so you will likely find a Colombian-sourced coffee that you like. Also, since Colombian coffee is famous, you can find various roasts and flavors. So should you try Colombian coffee? Absolutely! Since it is popular, you will probably find a coffee you like. So go out and try different coffees! You will probably find a new favorite coffee!

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