What is Cold Brew?

In the United States, cold brew has become the favorite beverage of many people in the last 15 years. While it may seem relatively new, many countries have had their version of cold coffee drinks for many years. However, the first evidence of cold brew coffee is from Japan as early as the 1600s, although it could have been used earlier!

Historians speculate that the Japanese could have learned how to make the drink from Dutch traders who used it to make coffee that could be carried on ships without brewing hot water. Initially, when cold brew first came to the United States, it was infused with a lot of sugar, milk, and caffeine, but in recent years many coffee shops have returned closer to the original drink served across the world for centuries.

french press cold brew coffee with milk

Best Coffee Roast For Cold Brew

You want to use dark roast coffee beans for your french press cold brew coffee drinks. Dark roast beans have a lower acidity, preserving your coffee’s flavor, and are perfect for cold brew. Since dark roast will remove the bitterness and acidity, you can fully taste the more subtle tones of the coffee bean. The dark roast also has less caffeine than other roasts making it ideal for your french press cold brew coffee. Here are the best coffee beans we sell for cold-brew coffee

  • House Blend – Blend of Nicaraguan and Columbian coffees, it contains notes of almonds & molasses
House Blend Coffee
  • Columbia Cauca Coffee – This is a rich, dark roast, premium Columbian Supremo Coffee.

Check out our medium roast coffee beans selection if you prefer a bitter taste. Although the taste may be harsh, you can still hope for many flavors. Select “French Press” on the “grind options” button to ensure you get the perfect grind for your french press cold brew coffee.

Columbia Cauca Coffee
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French Press Grind Size

Getting the right grind size for your french press cold brew coffee is essential. For example, using a french press requires a more coarse grind size, whereas a drip coffee maker needs a fine even grind. A coarse grind is ideal for slow coffee extraction, bringing out the sweetness and reducing bitterness. Using a finer grind of coffee could lead to over-extraction, which will result in a bitter taste. Therefore it’s vital to choose the right grind size and to try different brewing methods to achieve the best possible french press cold brew coffee

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Equipment Needed

You will need just a few pieces of equipment to make french press cold brewed coffee. The first thing you will need is a french press. This critical piece of equipment will allow you to brew your coffee. Besides this, you will need coffee grounds, water, and a container to mix everything in.

You may also choose to grind your beans, in which case you need a bean grinder. French press coffee makers generally have the same concept and will get the job done, but there are a lot of different designs and styles to choose from. Choose the design and color to match your kitchen if you use your french press frequently. Here is a list of some of the top-rated french presses in the market. 

french press full of coffee

French Press Cold Brew Coffee Ratio

The brewing ratio is one part of french press cold brew coffee that relies on personal preference. The standard ratio at most cafes and coffee shops will be 4 parts water to 1 part coffee grounds. However, you can play with this ratio to customize your coffee flavor to your preference or that of your friends and family. Adding more water will weaken the taste, and adding extra coffee grounds will increase flavor, but the 4:1 ratio is generally a standard for the coffee community. 

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How to Make Cold Brew In a French Press

While there are many ways to make cold brew, there are coffee connoisseurs who would say that using a french press to make cold brew coffee will add flavor to your beverage. Here is everything you need to know about making french press cold brew coffee.


Here is a complete list of everything you will need to make french press cold brew coffee

  • Coffee Beans (Ground or Whole)
  • Bean Grinder (Optional)
  • French Press
  • Water
  • Container to mix concentrate 
  • Sugar (Optional) 
  • Ice (optional)
  • Mug
cold brew beside laptop


  • Clean – First and foremost, make sure that your french press is clean and ready to use. Any leftover coffee or oil residue will have a negatively change the flavor of your french press cold brew.
  • Mix water and grounds – Use a ratio of 1 cup of grounds to 4 cups of water; you can adjust this measurement depending on how much cold brew concentrate you are trying to make. Stir several times with a spoon before covering the top of the french press.
  • Cover & Refrigerate – the top of your french press with either foil or plastic wrap. You can cover the french press with its lid, but the plunger must be all the way up, making it difficult to fit in most refrigerators. For best results, you will want to let this mixture sit in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. 
  • Plunge your french press – After you place the lid on your french press, slowly press down on the plunger, making sure to apply even, consistent pressure. 
  • Strain – To ensure coffee grounds don’t slip through the filter on your french press, you can use a mesh filter. For this step, you will place the mesh filter over the container you want to store the cold brew concentrate and pour the mixture from your french press through the mesh filter into your container.
  • Mix – At this point, you should be left with a container of concentrate. If you prefer it to be sweetened, this is the time to mix sugar into your cold brew. Since the cold brew mix is chilled, the sugar can take a long time to dissolve. You can let the mixture sit in your fridge for another 24 hours, which will help the sugar dissipate. 
  • Pour – The mixing ratio of cold brew concentrate to water is 1:1, so for an 8 oz. cup of cold brew, you will use 4 ounces of cold brew mix with 4 ounces of water. You can mix your french press cold brew with either water or milk, depending on your preference. Milk will help sweeten the drink but remove some intense coffee flavors. 
  • Glass Jar – If you pour the concentrate from your french press into a glass jar, you can quickly tell if any grounds slipped through the filter and are on the bottom of the container. Using a glass jar is also helpful to ensure all the sugar has dissolved.
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How to Make Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew coffee has become an increasingly popular way to have a cold and creamy coffee experience. Nitro stands for nitrogen gas which you can mix with your french press cold brew coffee. The process of creating nitro cold brew includes infusing the nitrogen gas directly into the cold brew coffee, resulting in a velvety, smooth texture and a slight sweetness. To make nitro-infused cold brew, you will need two pieces of equipment.

cream pouring into cold brew

What Will You Need

  1. A whipping siphon
  2. Nitrogen gas cartridge: 

This process is straightforward if you have the right tools. You don’t need to be a professional coffee connoisseur to be able to make a great cup of nitro infused cold brew.

How to infuse the nitro 

  • Pour your cold brew into the whipping siphon
  • Attach the nitro cartridge to the siphon
  • Slowly turn the siphon over once to mix the nitro with your cold brew
  • Pour the cold brew into a glass or mug. The whipping siphon can become pressurized, so start slowly, so making sure it pours out slowly.
cold brew in glas cup

How to Store Cold Brew

French press cold brew is a refreshing beverage, especially during the hot summer. Once you have made the batch, the question is, how do you store it to maintain freshness and taste for as long as possible? Glass mason jars are a popular option since they are easily cleaned and tightly sealed. You can use any pitcher or container, but it is crucial that it can be tightly sealed.

It is important to note that if you store cold brew for an extended period, you will lose its flavor and freshness. The best practice is to consume a fresh batch of cold brew within 2-3 days of mixing it. If you cannot consume the french press cold brew coffee in that amount of time, you can freeze the remaining mix into ice cubes to use in coffee drinks in the future. If you are sure to use the proper storing techniques, you will get the most extended life out of your cold brew and be able to enjoy it for a few days.

Keep Coffee Fresh

How to Serve Cold Brew

When serving cold brew to guests, ensure it is chilled to the appropriate temperature; you can do this by storing it in your refrigerator or adding ice cubes. It’s also good to test your cold brew before serving it. There is a chance it could be bitter or have an unpleasant taste depending on how it was brewed. This harsh taste can be balanced by adding milk, creamer, or other sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.

To make your French press cold brew coffee appealing, you can serve it creatively. A popular option for serving cold brew is to use a small glass jar or cup, which will allow the rich dark color of the cold brew to shine through. You can also add decorative elements such as a slice of lemon, a mint sprig, or an edible flower to add a refreshing twist to your cold brew.

You can also add to the appeal of your french press cold brew coffee by creating a layered effect by pouring cold brew over ice and then adding a layer of milk or cream to create an excellent ombre effect!

There are many ways to add your creative touch to make your cold brew look and taste amazing. Don’t hesitate to experiment with serving vessels, flavors, and presentation styles.

What is Drip Coffee?

More Coffee Tips & Recipes

Here at the Red Mug Coffee Company, we love teaching people how to make different types of coffee; if you want to learn more about becoming a coffee wizard, check out our articles and recipes for many different coffee-making methods that you can try.

Our specially crafted coffee lineup will give you a variety of flavors, and you are guaranteed to find a favorite among them. We sell our coffee in our coffee shop, online, and through wholesalers. You can order online, visit our cafe or stop by a red mug wholesaler to get started on your french press cold brew coffee today!

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