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The aroma of a fresh cup of coffee is one of the most iconic smells out there. But did you know that a cup of joe needs the right coffee grind to make that beautiful smell? In the blog, we will talk about the coffee grinds needed for your perfect cup! From the powdery grind needed for Espresso to the coarse grind of beans needed for a French press. We will teach you how to get the proper coffee grind the first time for a more consistent cup of your favorite cup. SO get your favorite coffee and cozy in for how to make your coffee cup the best.

Does Coffee Grind Size Matter?

Yes, the coffee grind size does matter. Each type of coffee brew methods needs a different coffee grind to make the cup of coffee you want delicious. For example, powdery coffee needs extra pressure to brew your coffee, making it ideal for an espresso machine. On the other hand, if you are trying to make a simple cup of coffee to sip, a more coarse grind would be ideal for a pour-over.

What Kind Of Coffee Grind Do I Need For Drip Coffee?

Drip coffee grind needs to have a medium grind of coffee beans. This means that the grind will be similar to beach sand. Because this grind is coarse, you can brew a larger amount of coffee more quickly. True coffee enthusiasts say that drip coffee will give you slightly more acidic coffee.

On the other hand, it is tough to compete with the convenience and efficiency of drip coffee. This is mainly due to how easy it is to find a drip coffee pot in today’s market. Additionally, this kind of coffee grind is readily available for pre-ground coffees.

Pro tip: This kind of coffee grind can be used for a Chemex as well!

What Kind of Coffee Grind Do I Need For French Press?

A French press coffee needs a coarse coffee grind. Some people call this a “chunky grind.” However, in terms of texture, it’s like kosher salt, similar to what is put on soft pretzels.

If you have never heard of French Press, coffee, don’t worry you are not alone. It’s the first step into different coffee brew styles. This style of coffee brewing is ideal for couples or if you want a more significant amount of coffee without the hassle of a whole pot of drip coffee.

Pro Tip: You can use a french press and our french press coffee grind to create french press cold brew coffee.

What Kind of Coffee Grind Do I Need for a Moka Pot?

A moka pot needs a coffee grind that is like sugar in texture. Moka pots have become popular as they are seen as a good substitute for an espresso machine. It is not exact, but most people will say it is a good substitute. However, the sugar consistency grind is next to impossible to obtain consistently if you do not use a burr coffee grinder.

What Kind of Coffee Grind Do I Need for Espresso?

For espresso, you will need a coffee grind that is like powdered sugar. Now if you have never made espresso before, this kind of coffee is different from the rest as it needs force behind it to brew.

To brew espresso, you will need a specialized machine, such as an espresso machine or manual espresso press. If you are starting out we recommend a machine over a manual press. This is because the manual press can be a bit tricky to handle.

Additionally, the cost is about the same for either process. However, the manual espresso machine presses involve a lot of strength to make, so why not let the machine do the heavy work for you?

What Can Happen If I Use The Wrong Coffee Grind Size?

In most cases, nothing too terrible will happen if you use the wrong grind size. If you put a powdery coffee in a drip coffee pot, it may take longer to brew.  However, if you use the wrong grind size with a Moka pot, you can ruin the machine. Fortunately a moka pot is something that can easily be bought for less than $20. So even if it gets damaged, it’s not a very expensive replacement.

What Is The Best Kind Of Coffee Grinder?

The best kind of coffee grinder is a burr grinder. The reason these grinders are the best is that they give a consistent grind by using two ceramic burrs to grind the coffee beans into uniform rounded grinds. These grinders can be priced anywhere from about a $10 burr grinder, which is an excellent manual grinder for the occasional coffee. On the other hand, you can get a large-sized burr grinder for around $200 if you enjoy a daily latte.

Can I Use My Blender As A Coffee Grinder?

You can, but its not the best idea. This is because if you do not have a consistent grind and that can effect the way your coffee brews. You would never be able to use a blender to grind your coffee for an espresso machine. However, if you drink the occasional drip coffee or French press, you could get away with using a blender to grind your beans.

Do I Need To Spray My Coffee Beans Before Grinding Them?

No, you do not “have” to spray your coffee beans before you grind them. As of late this is a popular trend. The thought is that the grinds will not stick to the grinder. However, the jury is still out on if this actually works or if it’s just a coffee fad. Like drinking “instant coffee” as a choice.

Can I Mix Grind Sizes Together?

Yes and no. If you have a tablespoon left of espresso grind coffee and add it to additional coarse grounds for a pot of coffee there should be no issue in that. On the other hand, if you have a larger grind of coffee that you desire to use for an espresso machine, it will not work as the water will pass through the water too fast. This will make it like you are drinking coffee flavored water instead of true coffee.

Does Pre-Ground Coffee Taste Bad?

No, not all of it. It depends on how soon you brew the coffee. Most times pre-ground coffee tastes terrible because it has expired when brewed. For the best flavor of pre-ground coffee, brew the coffee within 1 week of grinding. After that, the flavor changes, and you won’t be able to appreciate the full flavor profile.

Can I Select The Grind Of My Pre-Ground Coffee?

Yes! At Red Mug Coffee Company, you can select the grind of your coffee when it is delivered to your home or picked up at our shop. You can choose from whole bean, French Press, Drip, or Pour-over. We always recommend whole bean coffee that you grind on your own. But we are happy to accommodate you with a variety of grind options.

What Do I Do With My Coffee Grind Left-Overs?

Leftover coffee grounds can be used in compost to make your soil much better for growing. Some people will dry out their used coffee grinds after they have been used and create a coffee exfoliant. On the other hand you can just simply through them away.  

So What Grinds Your Beans?

Whether you need your whole bean coffee tomorrow for your coffee tasting routine. Or you want to have some ground coffee on hand for some visitors this weekend, we have what you need. Check out any of our single-origin coffees to create a coffee-drinking experience that will be an excellent time for all of you. 


Whatever you do. Grind your beans, drink your coffee and enjoy your day!

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