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Arabica Coffee vs Robusta Coffee

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Coffee is one of the top three beverages in the world. So, why do we drink so much coffee? Perhaps it is because of the addicting caffeine. Mixed with milk, sugar, and flavor, it could easily be a dessert in a cup that gives you a pep in your step. Some even say black coffee can be good…really? Well, keep in mind that you may not be drinking the same coffee. Most coffee drinkers are unaware that there are different varieties of coffee.

What is Specialty Coffee?

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Coffee. The most consumed and popular drink in the world, with over 400 billion cups consumed each year. Yes, that’s a billion with a capital B.
The world has seen coffee trends come and go for a long time, but with the popularity of specialty coffee around the world and the evolution and growth of the coffee industry, these trends can be funneled into 3 main movements, more commonly known and referred to as “waves.”

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