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The craft of Artisan Coffee begins withcarefully choosing quality coffee beans fromdifferent regions. We work with growers and suppliers to find great beans from around the world.

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A quality bean is only the first step. In our Small Batch Coffee Roastery situated among the hills of Holmes County, Ohio, we take great pleasure to craft Artisan Coffee that is good from the first sip to the last. 

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We serve our blends & single origincoffees at The Red Mug Coffee Company as well as sell it in bulk on site and supply grocery stores, cafe’s and restaurants. Read what our customers say about our high quality coffee.

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Why Small Batch Coffee is Best

While we agree that small batch coffee roasting does not guarantee coffee that the coffee will taste is good from the first sip to the last, there are some distinct advantages. Small batch roasting gives more latitude for roaster control during the entire heating and cooling process. Smaller batches combined with top quality roasting equipment mean a more even roast throughout. At Red Mug, we painstakingly work on getting the right coffee blend before making it available to you. 

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Wholesale Coffee

We are delighted to serve the coffee from our Small Batch Coffee Roastery in our coffee shop in Millersburg, OH. Besides that, Red Mug provides artisan coffee at wholesale prices for grocery stores, coffee shops and cafes. Contact us to inquire about supplying coffee for your business. 

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